The 8 IN. Worm Drive Skilsaw for Metal is the newest character in the SKIL legend that started nearly a century ago. It’s the Skilsaw made for those who rewrite the rules. This Worm Drive Skilsaw changes the game because it has the strength and guts to tackle whatever is thrown its way with its Worm Drive gearing customized for metal. Others settle, but this Worm Drive has the edge to see things others never will. The blade window gives you the visibility to make true cuts. This saw also comes with the largest available chip tray, so you can stay productive. And each pass of the saw with the SKIL carbide-tipped blade cuts quickly and virtually spark-free, with minimal burrs- showing metal no mercy.

What’s Included: SPT78MMC 8 IN. Worm Drive Saw for Metal, 42-tooth Carbide-tipped blade and Wrench (stored in foot)