Although there are many products and techniques available to enhance sound attenuation between living spaces, resilient channel remains the most cost effective and commonly used technique. Bailey RC PLUS™ Resilient Channel is a single leg specially formed metal component that, when used to support the drywall (instead of directly fastening drywall to the studs or joists), greatly improves the sound transmission characteristics of the wall or ceiling assembly.

• Installs on wood or metal framing
• National Research Council tested for Bailey Metal Products Limited
• Use RC PLUS™ to meet sound ratings with less board, or use the same layers of board to get enhanced ratings
• Features knurled face for easy screw penetration. Innovative slots punched in the metal web provide resiliency to reduce sound transmission through the steel
• Pre-drilled holes at 1″ o.c. coordinate with web slots to offer inherent alignment of stud to web slots, thereby eliminating potential for installer error


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