Indus Gray is premium limestone with a neutral and modern tone of gray & white hues. The sandblasted texture of this limestone makes it suitable for North American climate providing a non-slip surface. Indus Gray stone is a recent introduction to our range of premium landscaping products. This stone is often titled as the “most modern landscape stone” as it provides a very clean, contemporary look. The stone does have some bright white and darker coloured striations and veins that occur naturally, adding to the elegance and beauty of the stone. Indus Gray brings a new definition to the modern landscape designs of North America and is often commended as the top stone used by landscape architects in Canada.


Sizes Available:

  • Pavers – 12×24, 18×24, 24×24, 24×36″
  • Copings – 2x12x48, 2x12x60, 2x12x72, 2x14x48, 2x14x72, 2x16x48, 2x16x72
  • Steps – 6x16x48, 6x16x60, 6x16x72, 6x16x96″, 7x14x48, 7x14x60, 7x14x72, 7x14x96″
  • Fillers/ Curbs – 7x6x31 ,7″x6″x46″, 6x6x46
  • Risers – 1x7x48