The MINUTEMAN II portable mixer is the original no belt gear driven portable electric mixer.

First sold in 1991, the MINUTEMAN has been used for the last 28 years by customers to build block buildings, stucco houses, mix coffee beans, build patios, wash auto parts, and tumble rocks. It’s ability to help you do your work is endless, so don’t be fooled by lower quality imitations, the “IMER Green” Minuteman is the highest performing, reliable, and affordable small portable mixer on the market today.

If you want hassle free performance and non-stop production order a MINUTEMAN today.

  • Check out these features:
    • Mix mortar, stucco, grout and concrete
    • Mix 3, 80 lb. bags or 5, 50 lb. bags
    • Remove drum and frame from base for easy transport
    • Gearbox drive never needs maintenance
    • Wheels allow you to roll it to where you need it
    • Dump into a wheelbarrow or buckets
    • False bottom prevents dry material from sticking to the bottom
    • Powder coated finish inhibits rusting
    • Swivel 360º allows you to load from one side and discharge from the other
    • Feed your grout pump with this mixer
    • Perfectly homogenize your mix
    • Use indoors or for tight spaces
    • The original mixer that will last decades