Concrete grinder for heavy-duty grinding, roughening concrete and removing paint and coatings

  • Weight according EPTA-Procedure 01/2003 without battery:  12.3 lb.
  • Base material:  Concrete, Coatings, Adhesive, Epoxy, Cement
  • No load RPM:  gear 1: 4400 rpm; gear 5: 7000 rpm
  • All jobs done faster – up to 100% higher removal rate than angle grinders, thanks to a high-efficiency 2100W motor delivering the torque needed for tough applications combined with Hilti cup wheels optimized for max performance
  • Brushless motor – dust-resistant motor, helping the concrete grinder to last up to 10x longer than a conventional grinder with a brushed motor
  • Ergonomics optimized for comfort – redesigned head grip designed for control and comfort during floor applications, plus easier switch and gear selection
  • Quick-stop – halts the cup wheel within two seconds of switching off the concrete grinder
  • Virtually dust free – integrated dust hood with edge opening and height adjustment help to curb airborne dust on your jobsites.
  • Surface grinding on concrete, mortar and tiles
  • Removing paint, adhesive, epoxy and other coatings from concrete.