Indiana limestone is one of the most popular landscaping stones used throughout North America. It is an extremely clean natural stone, with white, cream, and beige tones. Indiana limestone is suitable for residential and commercial projects, as it provides a timeless look and can match a variety of bricks and stone facades easily.

‍While the beauty of this stone is obvious, the biggest drawback of Indiana limestone is it is extremely porous which means it can easily stain from plants, leaves, salt, and any other materials in the environment.

‍This is why Porcea Coast is often used as the best alternative to Indiana limestone. Beyond being nearly identical in tones and shade, Porcea Coast is finished with a sandblasted texture. Some of the benefits of this texture:

  • Highly slip resistant for pool decks and high pedestrian traffic areas
  • Modern and timeless look, that is often a premium in natural stone finishing
  • Allows for easy clearing of snow as no clefting on the surface

Porcea Coast is a light beige outdoor porcelain tile, available in 2 cm thickness. Outdoor porcelain is suitable for all applications including patios, walkways, pool decks, pedestrian commercial traffic, building facades, veneers, and even vehicular traffic with a concrete base.

‍Unlike Indiana Limestone, Porcea Coast is a light coloured outdoor porcelain which means it will not stain from plants, leaves, salt or moss. It is highly durable and designed to withstand our North American climate


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