• A hat-shaped framing accessory designed to “furr” out any surface for the application of the final finish (i.e. metal siding on steel studs, drywall on masonry, etc.)
• Furring channel used in conjunction with cold rolled channel is the ideal system for the construction of a drywall ceiling
• Install 1-1/2” cold rolled galvanized channel at 4’ o.c. suspended from floor joist or deck using the specified hanger wire (Lighter than #9 (gauge) wire should not be used)
• Drywall furring channel is installed perpendicular to the cold rolled channel at 16” o.c.
• Steel stud or D700 1” x 2” angle may be used for perimeter connection of gypsum board
• Fully engineered in .018, .033 and .043 thicknesses


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