The Foundation Protection System that Keeps Basements Dry

Protecting your foundations from water and moisture is critical. DELTA®-MS is a dimpled membrane that uses our exclusive Air-gap Technology to ensure your basements stay dry and last longer.

Long-lasting Moisture Protection, Long-lasting Satisfaction

The vacuum-formed dimpled pattern creates an air gap between the membrane and the foundation, allowing water to drain. By keeping water away from the foundation wall, DELTA®-MS is able to keep basements permanently dry and protected. Unlike sprays, which crack when concrete walls crack, it bridges cracks so no water intrusions can occur. This dampproofing helps ensure more comfortable and healthier living spaces for your homeowners; better efficiency and durability for your buildings; and fewer warranty claims and call-backs for you.

The Most Durable Dimpled Membrane on the Market

Made from 60% recycled and 40% virgin materials, the co-extrusion process and offset dimples of DELTA®-MS create higher compressive strength and impact resistance, ensuring its performance and protection last longer, especially when compared to other membranes typically made from 100% recycled materials and sprays.

Faster Installation, Better Protection

Unlike sprays, DELTA®-MS doesn’t require specialized safety equipment and you don’t have to wait around for the concrete to cure or the fumes to dissipate so installation can be faster, easier, and more cost effective. The extensive DELTA® Academy Certified-Installer Program helps ensure materials are properly applied, allowing you to provide an industry-leading warranty.



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