• Dig holes with speed and plumb-line accuracy using a Bobcat® auger attachment
  • The auger is ideal for applications that require high torque performance
  • Multiple bit types and teeth available to match your digging conditions

Top Tasks

  • Augers are ideal for digging holes for posts, piers, poles or trees.

How It Works

Durable Bobcat® augers are compatible with Bobcat compact loaders, excavators, compact wheel loaders, telehandlers, small articulated loaders, Toolcat™ utility work machines and mini- track loaders.

To operate, raise the boom arms until the auger is vertical. Engage the hydraulics into detent position, then slowly lower the lift arms until the auger contacts the surface. Apply a small amount of down force to the auger, but be careful not to apply too much, or the hydraulic motor may stall. To help remove spoil, reverse the bit’s direction and repeat, if necessary, for optimum digging performance.