Our post support saddle brackets are an elegant and discreet way of connecting wooden posts to concrete footings for deck supports. Minimal features ensure your posts and railing are beautifully accented but remain the center piece of your design. Powder coated black and made of tough galvanized steel, they’re as durable as they are stunning.

The subtle elegance and long lasting galvanized steel construction of our saddle brackets make them the perfect addition to your posts.

  • Our 4″ x 4″ saddle bracket is a simple yet decorative addition. Its minimal design ensures your posts stay the structural centre piece they should be while bold and classic features create a polished finish for your project. Whether you’re a busy contractor or a DIYer looking for an easy backyard upgrade, these saddle brackets will be perfect for you.
  • Every small detail of our saddle brackets has been carefully designed to accent your project while also providing you with the strength and longevity you need for your structure. It’s the best possible way of ensuring your outdoor space looks pristine for years to come.