The BAILEY CORNER-BACK DRYWALL CLIPS eliminate wood or steel stud backup at 90˚ corners and ceilings. Corner-back clips make drywall installation and repair easier and faster.

Corner-back clips are manufactured from galvanneal cold formed steel. Corner-back clips are available in two sizes to accommodates the attachment of 1/2″ or 5/8″ drywall. A fastening tab on the side of the clip provides for easy installation.

Bailey Corner-back clips are used for interior, load-bearing and non load-bearing wall assemblies in buildings of light-frame construction.



  • Eliminates uninsulated studs at corners and partition intersections which reduces thermal loss;
  • Corner-back clips reduce energy consumption;
  • Eliminates ceiling back-up members;
  • Easily adjusts for framing inaccuracies up to the width of the stud;
  • Reduces costly callbacks due to ceiling or partition separation from truss uplift;
  • Produces hard-fastened corners by attaching intersecting wallboards to a common stud;


Material sold by boxes of 300 units


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